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WE will explore.

Welcome to Hurtigruten. We hope you enjoy reading, watching and sharing our new magazine.

It is a pleasure to share these stories from so many wonderful people at Hurtigruten. In this issue we will gain an insight into how we travel, and who the inspirational people are that take us there.

Over the coming series you will be able to dive deep into the many layers of Hurtigruten as we share news and information on our destinations which include some of the most pristine and remote regions of the world. Each day is a fascinating journey at Hurtigruten with our coastal and expedition fleet scattered across the globe from pole to pole. Every day is unique, and our Captains, officers, crew, safety and sustainability leaders, scientists and expedition teams work hand in hand with local partners and remote communities to offer you moments in travel that will live on forever.

Be amazed. Be open and join us as we explore again.

Anthony Daniels General Manager, UK & EMEA

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